Outfit Management Service (OMS)

Thomas Gunn Outfit Management Service saves you time and gives you peace of mind by taking the burden of keeping your ship or fleet up to date and compliant with international regulations. This service is completely free of charge to our customers, the only cost is the supply of the actual charts and books and any carriage required to cover delivery charges.


How does it work?


We do the monitoring of your vessels index and identify requirements for safe operation and compliance based on Flag, operating area, vessel type and your company policy. We provide you with a full quote, all you need to do is select the products you want and we will supply these to the ship (via the distribution route chosen by you). The service is tailored to your requirements and can include all your charts, publications and digital products - we ensure that your supply is kept up to date helping you to meet all your IMO obligations and stay compliant.

For further information about Outfit Management Service please view the OMS factsheet (PDF).


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