New Editions

This area of the site will be used to keep you informed of any important news relating to charts, publications and the TGNS chart management service.

New Editions Available

The following information details ALL available new editions released in the last 60 days. Please note for new edition information relating to a specific index - please visit our indexes section.

Stock Code Description Availability
EPHO 11361 Mississippi River-Delta Southwest pass south pass AVAILABLE
EPHO 11366 Approaches to Mississippi River AVAILABLE
EPHO 11370 Mississippi River -New Orleans to Baton Ruge AVAILABLE
EPHO 11469 Straits of Florida Fowey Rocks, Hillsboro Inlet to Bimini Islands, Bahamas DUE
EPHO 11552 Neuse River and Upper Part of Bay River DUE
EPHO 18580 Cape Blanco to Yaquina Head DUE
EPHO11324 Gaveston Bay Entrance Gaveston and Texas City Harbors AVAILABLE
EPHO11342 Sabine Pass and Lake AVAILABLE
EPHO11364 Mississippi River -Venice to New Orleans AVAILABLE
EPHO11368 New Orleans Harbour Chalmette Slip to Southport AVAILABLE
NP 074-19L List of Lights Vol A - Loose Leaf AVAILABLE
NP 084-19L NEW EDITION DUE List of Lights Vol.L - Loose Leaf AVAILABLE
NP 283-2-19L NEW EDITION DUE List Rad Signal Vol 3 Pt 2 The Amcas,FarEast&Oceania Looseleaf AVAILABLE
NP 286-1-19L new ed due Pilot Servs,Vsl Traf Servs&Port Ops Pt 1 UK&Ire inc Eur-LooseLeaf DUE
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