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New Editions Available

The following information details ALL available new editions released in the last 60 days. Please note for new edition information relating to a specific index - please visit our indexes section.

Stock Code Description Availability
CAN 4245 Yarmouth Harbour and Pproaches/et les approches DUE
CAN 4302 Strait of Canso DUE
EPHO 11325 Houston Ship Channel Carpenters Bayou to Houston AVAILABLE
EPHO 11327 Upper Galveston Bay-Houston Ship Channel-Dollar Pt. to Atkinson AVAILABLE
EPHO 11328 Houston Ship Channel Atkinson Island to Alexander Island AVAILABLE
EPHO 11329 Houston Ship Channel Alexander Island to Carpenters Bayou;San Jacinto, Old River AVAILABLE
EPHO 11342 Sabine Pass and Lake DUE
EPHO 11345 Intracoastal Waterway New Orleans to Calcasieu River West Section DUE
EPHO 11352 Intracoastal Waterway New Orleans to Calcasieu River East Section DUE
EPHO 11364 Mississippi River-Venice to New Orleans AVAILABLE
EPHO 11365 Barataria and Bayou Lafourche Waterways Intracoastal Waterway to Gulf of Mexico DUE
EPHO 11368 New Orleans Harbor Chalmette Slip to Southport AVAILABLE
EPHO 11371 Lake Borgne and approaches Cat Island to Point aux Herbes DUE
EPHO 11550 DO NOT USE Ocracoke lnlet and Part of Core Sound DUE
EPHO 12316 Intracoastal Waterway Little Egg Harbor to Cape May;Atlantic City DUE
EPHO 12317 Cape May Harbor DUE
EPHO 12324 Intracoastal Waterway Sandy Hook to Little Egg Harbor DUE
EPHO 12327 New York Harbor AVAILABLE
EPHO 12370 North Shore of Long Island Sound Housatonic River and Milford Harbor DUE
EPHO 12401 New York Lower Bay Southern part DUE
EPHO 13218 Marthas Vineyard to Block Island DUE
EPHO 14782 Cumberland Head to Four Brothers Islands DUE
EPHO 18440 Puget Sound DUE
EPHO 63000 Karachi to Bombay, India and Pakistan (OMEGA) DUE
EPHO 81544 Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) DUE
NP 075L List of Lights Vol B - Loose Leaf AVAILABLE
NP 076L List of Lights Vol C - Loose Leaf AVAILABLE
NP 084-18LU List of Lights Vol.L - Loose Leaf - Update pack AVAILABLE
NP 286-1-18L Pilot Servs,Vsl Traf Servs&Port Ops Pt 1 UK&Ire inc Eur-LooseLeaf AVAILABLE
NP 286-1-18LU Pilot Servs,Vsl Traf Servs&Port Ops Pt 1 UK&Ire inc Eur-LooseLeaf - Update pack AVAILABLE
NP 286-2-18L Radio Signals Vol 6 Pt 2 Eur, Arctic & Baltic LOOSE LEAF AVAILABLE
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