New Editions

This area of the site will be used to keep you informed of any important news relating to charts, publications and the TGNS chart management service.

New Editions Available

The following information details ALL available new editions released in the last 60 days. Please note for new edition information relating to a specific index - please visit our indexes section.

Stock Code Description Availability
EPHO 1117A Galveston to Rio Grande (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas) DUE
EPHO 11300 Galveston to Rio Grande DUE
EPHO 11344 Rollover Bayou to Calcasieu Pass DUE
EPHO 11408 Crystal River to Horseshoe Point;Suwannee River;Cedar Keys DUE
EPHO 11553 Intracoastal Waterway Albermarle Sound to Neuse River;Alligator River;Second Cre DUE
EPHO 12266 Chesapeake Bay Choptank River and Herring Bay; Cambridge DUE
EPHO 12273 Chesapeake Bay Sandy Point to Susquehanna River DUE
EPHO 21489 Approaches to Puerto San Jose and Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala-North Pacific Ocean) DUE
EPHO 81791 Arno (Aruno) Atoll (Marshall Islands) DUE
NP 078-19L List of Lights Vol E - Loose Leaf AVAILABLE
NP 286-2-19L Radio Signals Vol 6 Pt 2 Eur, Arctic & Baltic LOOSE LEAF AVAILABLE
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