Marine Equipment

Here at Thomas Gunn we are able to provide a wide range of traditional navigation equipment. We also supply a worldwide collection of National Flags including Ensigns and a broad range of Signs and Safety Posters for your vessels and office.

Voyager Marine equipment includes:
     • Anemometers
     • Barographs
     • Barometers
     • Binoculars
     • BNWAS
     • Chronometers
     • Clinometers
     • Clocks
     • Gyro Compasses
     • Hygrometers
     • Magnetic Compasses
     • Navigation Lights & Lamps
     • Searchlights
     • Sextants
     • Thermometers
     • Flags and ensigns
     • Signs


Marine Equipment We can also supply a wide range of Chart Room Instruments including:
    • Chart Correction Kits
    • Chart Correction Pens & Ink
    • Chart Dividers
    • Chart Room Compasses
    • Chart Weights
    • Nautical Triangles
    • Navigation Calculators
    • Parallel Rules
    • Recording Paper

To order, please contact a member of our customer services team or go directly to our online shop

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