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Thomas Gunn Makes Digital Transition a Reality

21st October, 2013

With the news that the Russian Federation is the latest Flag State to approve the use of ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) on board its vessels, over two thirds of the world’s Flag States have now signed up to receive digital updates from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO). The transition to digital navigation is well and truly in progress and Thomas Gunn, part of the Global Navigation Solutions (GNS) Group of specialist providers of maritime navigation information, solutions and support, is seeing the trend reflected in its own business, with an increase in the number of fleets embracing the digital transition in the last few months.




About Thomas Gunn

Here at Thomas Gunn, we know our customer’s world is getting ever more complex. Faced with the challenges of maintaining a competitive advantage and surviving in a world of economic change means you need even more cost effective and efficient navigation tools and solutions. More…


Experience more with Voyager

TGNS Voyager is a fully automated & editable navigational data management system that provides the mariner with a personalised database of navigational data and weekly updates for BA NTM's and Tracings, Admiralty AVCS service, ARCS updates, ordering functionality. Admiralty Digital List of Lights & Radio Signals and UK M-Notices with product catalogue. More...


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Our ever expanding product range includes worldwide coverage of UKHO Admiralty charts, Admiralty Collection charts, Admiralty Leisure charts, Canadian charts, Imray charts, Imray 2000 charts, Norwegian charts, and US charts. We also sell a selection of nautical books, navigation equipment, navigation lights, chart plotting instruments and stationery, electronic charts, digital publications, chart plotting software and other marine related software. More...


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